Why Was Russia’s Teardrop Memorial Never Covered in US Media? It Was, Actually.

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You may have only just recently heard of Russia’s tribute to America’s struggle against terrorism, via a teardrop-shaped memorial that points toward the statue of liberty. The title of the artwork, crafted by Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli, is “To The Struggle Against World Terrorism.”

A forward making the rounds lately asks, “Now ask yourself: why was there never any press coverage of such a beautiful and generous gift?”

There was, however, plenty of press coverage, at the time. CNN had a live broadcast of the dedication ceremony, at which former-president Bill Clinton made the keynote. Vladimir Putin was on scene there himself for photos, which can be found at the 9-11 Memorial website. US country-music artist LeAnn Rimes was at the dedication and sang Amazing Grace.

Personally, I think the biggest reason is that it’s not even really that big of a story. There are…

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Rant 11-8-15

I know my hair is not who I am. I know my hair does not define me. I don’t need hair to be happy. I don’t need hair to be loved. I don’t need hair to go somewhere. I don’t need hair to fall asleep or wake up. blah blah blah….I need my hair!! I am so paralyzed by this loss, I can’t even put it into words for you, it has me by my roots dammit…I can’t shake it, I have tried…I know it is trivial it is just hair dammit…I know all of that!! That is not helping me! I am angry, F*c%ing pissed off, is more like it!! Why me…I am a generally nice gal WTF!! I am treating it with steroid shots just under the skin on my head (Yeah thats a F*C%ing party) and it is growing back in the first bald spots that arrived;  But as it works new ones arrive. In the shower I lose so much hair I literally get intangled in it, my tears mix with the shower stream! The loss is gut wrenching when I comb my hair and my bathroom carpet (I know rite who puts carpet in a bathroom, well it wasn’t me! I just have not been able to afford changing it, someday) any way I comb my hair and the bathroom carpet is covered more by me than by my golden/labs daily shed! What is the hardest…How truly uncomfortable it is making me feel with myself and the outside world…this is that awful gut wrenching full body involved kind of fear and it’s probably adding to the hairloss…I swear its awful. I use to have dreams like this as a young girl nightmares in fact of losing my hair and my teeth  they would just randomly fall out in my dreams. Here I am today 43 years old losing my hair at an alarming rate, I have already had 4 of my teeth yanked out my mouth, I have something called Likusplantes (questions that spelling) in my mouth, working on the rest I am sure.  What the F*&K!!!!! Did I make this happen?! OH I dislike this day peeps, I am not feeling well to boot woke up crawling for meds, waiting for some relief didn’t feel like restfull sleep. Ughhhhhhh!!

I have purchased some really cheap wigs…not happening, can’t do so very… self contious and they just are that?!!.. cheap! I need to save up money, which I have none of (money that is) and figure out a better quality solution. Or use a hat (never ever in my life have I been a hat person, so out of the norm for me. I don’t feel like talking to everyone about my hair loss or how I feel about it…yeah yeah they will all understand…it’s not about them…it’s about me and it makes me feel…I can’t do it!) I can’t talk about this any more rite now…Rant over! Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

Work in progress Mystical Luna Rose.

Fall Day

Beautiful windy fall day sitting at my craft table looking out the window watching all the leaves fall from swaying trees. Its beautiful yet melancholy I usually love stormy days. Today is kind of a blah day for me. My head feels heavy today or rather my whole body does actually. I feel a little shaky even, part of the UTI or antibiotic or something else coming on I couldn’t tell. Just one of those days I guess. I so dislike these days though, I don’t know what to do with my self. I don’t feel well yet I don’t feel so bad that I want to face my bed on a day like today either (depressing) Yet just staring out the window at this breezy fall isn’t exacly exciting stuff…(depressing). I dislike feeling this way. 

Work in Progress Mystical Luna Rose.



Yuck! The meds for this UTI or the UTI and meds which ever are making me feel so sick today! So I will take it easy today. I may even end up in bed for most of the day. We will have to see, I am hoping as the day wears on this sick to my stomach thing will go away…can’t even enjoy a cup a coffee…should maybe try a soothing cup of tea…need to get some ginger root in the house, that would help. Beautiful overcast day here in the Pacific Northwest…a perfect day to cuddle in bed with my dog LuLu if I end up there.

Well I just thought I would check in, I hope my lil note finds you all having a lovely morning.

Work in Progress Mystical Luna Rose.

Little Art

Little art today…not feeling so hot today I am fighting a UTI yeah! Low grade fever…My hands hurt who am I kidding I could make a list and top it with puky but I won’t… ;~)

I may not have gotten a lot of art done today but I must say I have a lot of art on my mind…I am sitting among all of my art stuff looking at it touching it smelling it…lol getting to know it so to speak. Eaither way it was stil  calming and it got thru the time I had to waste till the doc appointment for my dreaded UTI! I did use some teracota molds to produce some tissue paper molds of flowers and hearts to paint for embelishments in my art journals so I did get a Little Art ;~). Work in Progress Mystical Luna Rose.

Finding a way to relax maybe.


I have been doing some art as my hands and shoulders allow. You can see a good portion of it over at lunarosesartjournals.wordpress.com. I hope that works if not let me know..I don’t know how to do any of this. But I will share two of them here with you its called artjourneling I don’t even know if I am doing it right, but then I suppose there is no wrong way. I am enjoying myself I find it calming that should be all that matter rite…Both very different in look and feel but each so much fun

Still Here

I am still here. Sorry for the long pause. It all started back in late June, I went to stay with my daughter and I became pretty sick. Took awhile to figure it all out. When they finally did my appendix ruptured and I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, with a drain in to remove some abscesses! This was all during the 4th of July weekend and a Family reunion weekend so I spent most of that 2 weeks in the Hospital alone. I had my mother and 2 brothers. It was my kids that were gone. It was a very rough time for me, scared the Hell out of me. It was awful. Then there was an insadent I can’t talk about here or at least not yet. That happened just after I healed after all of that. On top of all of that. My chilldrens Great Grandmother who was like a Grandmother to me as well passed away, I was and have been just knocked on my ass!! I’m stillhaving issues picking myself up. Plus there are things going on within my own family I am not at liberty to talk about that are extremely stressful and not one bit helpful to my heath issues, ugh!! So kind of hard to come and write. So I have not done any. Counseling has been very sporatic because of me I have skipped a few, glosses over a few…I don’t know how to connect with this new counselor I’m just not sure about it. And this next session she wants to talk about my Girlfriend that was killed in a car accident almost 11 years ago, and you think I would be but I don’t think I am ready! WTF! Frankly I am scared. I won’t lie having a rough time of lately, and it pisses me off.  I miss writing here I am just so sick of it always being crap…sighs 

Signed a work in progress Mystical Luna Rose

Just Show Up

I really really like what this says…now if it was just that easy for me to jump up and walk out that door! Work in Progress Mystical Luna Rose.

Dave Mierau

Summer is here and I’ve been landscaping our yard. Some people find that kind of work peaceful, relaxing, even fun. But for me it’s about as enjoyable as cleaning dead skin particles out of small crevices, a.k.a. dusting.

Nevertheless, my mantra has been “Just show up.” Get on the clothes, get out the tools, go to the spot, and see what happens. Usually work happens.

I’m finding that 90% of success in the yard and in life is about just showing up.

That number may be lower for you as I tend to want everything to be perfect before beginning something. But there’s incredible power for each of us in just showing up.

Here’s why:

  • You don’t have to feel like it to show up. You just have to show up.
  • You don’t have to have it all figured out to show up. You just have to show up.

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Bad Day Probably a bad post too!

Lovely Day to ‘start’ out, good time in the lil 12 foot pool with my 14-year-old son enough to cool us off! Daughter came out with the Grandkids great fun. Dinner was a lil later than planed so they had to grab a plate and run as they had unexpected plans arise as well. We all had a good time anyway with what we had, and everyone got some food :~) .

Weird conversation at the end of the day between roommate and I, kind of set me off. Not gonna go into details about it here, lets just say it is a long-standing issue of many years hence the roommate situation, with complicated benefits once in a while!!! What a F@C&I#G idot am I, Right Lady’s and Gentlemen!!! I am so F@CK&N# tired of drunks! That don’t even remember inviting Daughter and the Grandkids over for dinner…so that means he doesn’t remember the conversation out on the porch after the invite to the daughter either why>>>??? Cause he was Drunk!!!! Yep I’m a F@C&I#G IDIOT!

So Daughter, and soon tobe son in law, and the Grandkids left. My son and I went to the back yard to sit in the shade and hang out. He is talking about dogs and their loyalty, I am sitting back in my lawn chair his dog is at my feet and I am bare foot giving him the dog ‘Scooby’ a foot pet/rub down with both of my bare feet. As Luke is talking about dogs and their Loyalty I am listening having a good time; Then WHAM! out of no where I start getting a panic attack zoning off into never-never land and awful images….memory’s Not cool….Just stopped ….!!!! Sat up started breathing in and out my mouth in thru my nose….my son is looking at me weird…Mom you ok your face is white…and you have tears in your eyes…?? I am breathing yes…heart racing feeling like I ran a marathon or should run one or somethng…no going to put it here the memory was very horrific for me, I am not sure what or if I will or can do anything with it. I try to calm myself rather quickly as my 14-year-old son is still sitting next to me in full on its Summer time and we are just hanging out in the back yard, just played in the pool, had BBQ, and uh mom did you hear anything I said? Are you ok?? I assured him I was fine just a lil panic attic under controle…Just breath and smile. Told him I think I needed to go inside a bit sorry to interrupt his story, yes our dogs are very loyal. Yours misses you very much when your away. Came inside thinking I would hash my little flashback out with roommate and calm down a bit. Nope he sleeps in the living room on the couch usually. Tonight though at 8 pm he was passed out on the living room floor, yes folks drunk or at least very buzzed, yet another night. NO help there!

So I called my daughter wich I did not really want to do but something was nagging me to call my mom and ask her about some one Male watching me for a time when I was quite young? Thing with calling my mom is that she has a lot on her plate, I love her dearly, Just if I freak, If I hurt and vise versa if its her I hurt/ She hurts! So yeah just did not want to make it worse and have to calm both of us you know. So I call my Daughter and ask her to call my mom to ask about the male sitter when I was younger. Get the call back yes male in the trailer park and a female with a pony tail and she can’t remember their names they watched me for a little time while she worked!!! Ugghhhhh she can’t remember their names!!!!! For a time….

Stuck with S#IT rolling around in my head! Been feeling like S#IT after my first Remicade infusion on this past 17th of June. Extra joint pain, some days very tired, yesterday damn near lethargic after watering roses and clipping them….uhhhggggg!!!!! Today ok except muscles really tired and sore. I can feel my neck getting tense and tight from this other junk. You know this is not where I was going with my lfe…My Father, Mother, Grandmother on mom’s side, Grandpa on mom’s side, almost all of my brothers and I have 7 of them, my uncle on mom’s side, some of my dads brothers most of them 3 or 4. Mothers brother overdosed on drugs, dads brother died of drug and booze induced liver failure!  My own brother hung himself after a birthday night of being drinking and doing drugs! Leaving his 11 month old Daughter fatherless!! I could or I can go way back on and on I am sure this vicious cycle sucks up my life and this codependent S#IT is for the birds. I just feel so emotionally strapped it’s all wrapped in my body from head to toe and I don’t know how to let it all go, I really think that is my problem…I don’t know…I am sorry this is so crappy…I feel awful putting this up but it is where I am, it is my truth, it is how I feel right this minute, I am just going to feel it DAMN IT!!  I’m going to close it up right here. Peace, Love, Light, Brightest Blessing, Work in Progress Mystical Luna Rose!

Mystical Luna Rose Where it Comes Froms.

Just a quick post about my nick/name, some one asked about it or I mentioned I would explaine it I can’t reember any way here it is. Short and sweet… Mystical Luna Rose

Mystical has 2 parts first the true definition of the word Mystical.

Mystical: Definition and More from the Free Merria-Webster…www.merriamwebster.com/dictionary/mystical
a : having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence <the mystical food of the sacrament> b : involving or having the nature of an individual’s direct subjective communion with God or ultimate reality <the mystical experience of the Inner Light> 2

2nd part of Mystical, I had a Golden Retriever purebred she was the best dog ever her papered name was ‘Mystical Blue Moon’ we called her Mystie. Mystical is partly in memory of her and because I love the word and what it means.

Luna, well I love the Moon and all her mystery’s. She is constant, reliable, beautiful, she is powerfull, she is bright, She fascinates me and leaves me in awe on a regular basis still today. I love the way the word Luna looks, and feels rolling off the tounge as well.

Rose, Oh the Rose what is there not to Love right…The flower of Love, I love the Rose, it is my favorite flower. I also feel the rose for me is in association with the moon as well,good friends if you will ;~).  love the aroma of the Rose Like no other, The Rose is Beautiful, The rose is hearty and strong, She has thorns to protect herself. The rose comes in many different colors to cover many different moods. Rose is in my middle name Rosevelene, Which is the middle name of both of my Grandmother’s put together, I love it for it is unique and one of a kind. My special Rose!

There you have it folks A Work in Progress Mystical Luna Rose! ;~) I hope every one is having a great day.