Just another day

Having issues with hands, wrist, fingers, couple toes, my fore arm clean up to my left shoulder and that wraps around to my shoulder blades and causes burning pain. Yesterday it was weird shooting pains in my knee it actually felt like some one hammered a nail into my knee and I was feeling throbbing shooting pain in the hole the nail left behind. Weird I know but that is the best way I can explain it. Here a couple of days ago my head ache finally let up. I had it for a week in a half or more. Felt like I had drank two bottles of wine all to myself the night before, and I had a wine oh’s hang over head ache, except I didn’t drink the damn wine. WTF?

Anyway I am just glad that it is gone. My feet have been hurting a lot again this description involves a hammer too, in the mornings for a couple of hours I get up and my feet feel like they have been smashed and broken. I am left feeling the pain and ache of every one of these fictitious breaks.  I had a weird pinch/crick in the neck a couple of days ago that is gone, but in its place my shoulder blade burns, the front of my chest directly across from shoulder blade hurts, and I have a tension head ache. Didn’t sleep well last night due to puking heartburn, literally choking on it thats always fun, and its happened a whopping three times this week. So have not been sleeping all the way thru the night for a couple of nights now. Very tired!

Wishes I could bend myself in a fashion that I could rub my own aching shoulder blades and shoulder. Who am I kidding this whole fucking breaking body needs some kind of rub! So damn tired of being tired, and so damn sick of being sick. Quite depressing when you start to wright about it. So maybe this is not a good subject for me to write about. I will think on that as I still don’t know where I would like this blog to go, or maybe it will become just a mishmash of my feelings, wants, needs, poems I like, quotes that inspire me. I am ok with it just being a mishmash of shit considering that is a mirror of my life rite now so why not type about it. Get it off my chest in hopes of seeing my way thru it all.

Well that is enough for now. My arm is not liking all this typing, my neck is yelling about looking at the computer screen.  More later B.