Just a little information about myself.

I am 40 years old I have two children, and one grandchild. They are my life and pride. My blog will be a place for me to vent about my life, and share some of the health struggles I am going thru my life in general. Not that I think I am all that and a bag of cookies (wink). If it helps some one great, if it is just an outlet for me that is great too. I don’t have a specific path I am going to take you on. In fact I may jump all over the place at times as that is the way my life has been for a lot of years now, all over the place. I may even disappear from time to time, I may even appear unable to put good thought or words down this happens in real life when I am talking to people as well.

For the past few years I have had a laundry list of symptoms and ailments. (actually a good portion of my life some of them I thought were just normal aging pains, or my extra pounds talking to me) I will list here as many as I can.

~Issues exercising (it hurts that is all there is too it. Yeah yeah no pain, no gain I have heard it. For me though it is always pain when I exercise even on a regularly scheduled exercise plan no amount of doing exercises gets me past the pain.) I don’t get use to it.

~ Migraines

~Neck pain lots of crick in the neck, unable to use and in lots of pain sometimes last a month or more. Lots of stiffness of neck, tension headaches involving neck and upper back.

~Back issues upper and lower, burning, ripping or feeling of tearing, muscle tightening and cramping burning!! Giving out.

~Arm pain, Shoulder pain, fingers, hands, wrist, elbows, sharp pains, burning, feel swollen, going numb. Not working!

~Chest pain (undiagnosed but pretty sure I have done pleurisy or at least that was my guess, not insured at time so didn’t seek medical care as I couldn’t afford to)

~Stomach issues- Heartburn, cramping, nauseous (get sick as little as I am able to hold off breathing helps) Pains sharp, or sometimes just feels like my stomach is very warm and yucky for hours. No apatite for long periods of time. Don’t wanna get sick, can’t put food on top of this internal fire.

~Sleep issues, not enough, too much, hurt shoulders, arms, hips, head etc keep me up toss and turn.


~Depression and PTSD

~Anxiety alone and social

~Gerd (the heartburn stuff above)

~Tendonitis, Bursitis, Inflammatory Arthritis which might be Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis, they have not decided yet! The itis’s and I are becoming close friends.

~Hips, legs, knees, ankles, tendons in back of foot hurt and don’t want to work at times. My feet hurt a lot mostly in mornings and at night, sometimes during the daytime or a longtime gets a visit from this pain as well. It comes when it wants and stays as long or as short as it chooses.

~Legs sharp shooting pains, dull pains, muscle and bone pain, going numb, giving out.

~Knees hurt, weak, unsteady at times.

~Muscles in calf hurt, tight, tingling burning pain.

This laundry list of crap can come and go or stay for long periods of time. I have had stuff quit working they are in so much pain they are useless. My back upper and lower, my arms both, my wrist, my hands, my neck, have all gone out on me so painful they were useless for month and a half this last time my right dominate arm wouldn’t work hurt too bad.

Having head aches and feeling nauseous is my new normal, off of med’s, and on them. Having body parts too painful to use is also my normal. I have been living perpetually scared of my body and what it may do to me next for years.

I am doing counseling, seeing doctors, Rheumatologist (who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia back in January of 2014 and inflammatory arthritis. He said my GP needs to treat me for the Fibromyalgia but he will be seeing me for the arthritis, not sure how I feel about this. I thought Fibromyalgia was the rheumatologist’s specialty? Sleep study was denied, but they are reissuing the referral in hopes I get one this time. I have see a gastroenterologist , colonoscopy was good did the one clear down into my stomach as well and it was ok. Confirmed Gerd and IBS.

I should have also put face pain in the laundry list above. My face aches at times, sometimes feels like sinus’ and other times feels like my eye sockets hurt, or just the bones in my face in general.

Last winter was a serious pain in my physical body. This Summer was no better over hot and so uncomfortable. Is now back to fall and I can so feel the chill in all my bones my whole physical form is hurting and winter isn’t even close yet. Just a week ago we were doing 80 some degree weather before noon, and now it takes till 2 or 3 pm to start feeling some warmth and that is just for a couple of hours and it starts to drop again. I am not looking forward to winter at all.

I am on all kinds of med’s some are helping and some I feel are not or at least not yet. Some of them take six months or more to get on board and start doing something. So I get to feel like a test subject.

I feel I was treated as an addict because I don’t want to feel this pain any more it has been going on for years progressively becoming worse. I know pill addicts are an epidemic in my county and my state. Them I am not, nor do I want that life, I just want relief, or at least something that will cover my pain long enough to get more done around my house!


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  1. Wow, a lot in common…I have everything on there but the arthritis. The rheumatologist had to give my fibro diagnosis but then said same thing..follow with your GP..LOL..ok then! I can’t believe you get things done around the house, because my neck won’t let me do anything…but I have migraines too…daily..but now I can’t remember if that was on your list..see there? haha..so nice that you commented and so now we have met 🙂

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