Lil man A visits

My  1 1/2  year  old  Grandson  is  here  to  stay  the  night.  We  will call him A. What a wonderful child this lil guy is, so smart, excited about figuring things out. He love’s being challenged, wonderment lights up his face. Loves to run and likes to hear heavy foot falls behind him. You can just hear the giddy belly in his laugh as he runs ahead. I thought having my own children was some kind of wonderfulness. Having my grandson has just put me over the moon, I feel very intoxicated on my love for this lil guy and the two very special people that came together in Love to gift A to all of us. I just recently learned that my daughter is going to have a second child in about 7 1/2 months I am so excited. He lights up my life like no other. Love B.