I was able to see the newest addition to our family yesterday. How precious are new baby’s, he is adorable. Takes my breath away seeing new baby’s I can get side tracked in stores looking at peoples baby’s. ;~).  I was also able to go with my daughter to her fist appointment to confirm that she is in fact pregnant with her second child, how very excited and over joyed are we all.

I am still having issues with my left shoulder, shoulder blade,  arm, and left side of my neck! Causing some wicked tension head aches that keep coming and going. I know I should be grateful for the going except it just won’t stay gone.

Also my room mate who is also the father of my two children (not sure where I would be with out this man’s help, he is truly a blessing) recently purchased a car for me (so I can get to appointments, physical therapy etc) since my Van well gave up the vanly <<my word ;~) ghost finally. This is great and I am so grateful. The thing is I love a manual transmission for many reason, gas milage, the ability to push start it, and its just fun. The problem is and I wasn’t thinking about this when the car was purchased but my right arm went out (extreme pain unable to lift or use) not too long ago and I was unable to use it for a month! So if this were to happen again I would be unable to change the gears ughhh. Also have only had the  car for a couple of weeks and sometimes when I am driving I get this horrendous  pain in my knee cap in the left leg the clutch leg. Feels like some one is driving a big nail into my knee cap (its doesn’t stick around for a great amount of time) scared my son the other day because I screamed out in pain and begged for it to go away I had to pull over for a few minutes and rub my knee. This rubbing didn’t help but I tell myself it takes my mind off the pain for a second so I can breath! So now I am worried about the manual transmission sigh. It always something damn it, over and over again. I know this is something that is going to be with me for the rest of my life, I just don’t know if I will be able to take all this health crap and make it my new best friend and get along. Even just a small bit of understanding on my body’s part would be greatly appreciated!  B