I am lucky enough to live in the great Pacific Northwest, Its a beautiful fall day here. Not to hot, not too chilled just right. Our majestic evergreens are the wonderful backdrop to our leaf shedding trees, with their bright yellow and orange leaves. It makes me feel warm and cozy to hear the wind out side my window crisply shaking all the brightly colored leaves. Singing of the arrival of fall and cooler weather.

Orange and brown are the colors of October (for me anyway) Pumpkins, candied apples, ghoulish, super hero, or princess costumes are on the minds of children every where, that and candy. I love this time of year and the beautiful month of October.

My Birthday is this month nothing much to talk about there, just another year right? Still having issues with neck, shoulder, shoulder blade is still aflame. My tension head ache is still here as well makes me wonder if the tendons were cut would that cure the tension? Or maybe release the tension? Sounds drastic I know but its not the first time I have had this thought/idea. Starting to feel desperate for some relief, I know this means its time to see the Doc again. Not sure I can hear for the umpteenth time that she didn’t have the intention of me staying on the pain pills, or the muscle relaxer for long term usage. Only had the pain med twice this year, and the muscle relaxer once this year. I do the stretches at home that I have been shown by the physical therapist, I use hot and cold packs, I soak in epson salt baths. I do what I can on my end to keep my body as stretched and usable as I possibly can. Now I am getting pains in my arms like I get in my head. I am having a ‘headache’ in my arm… I know, but that is the best way I can describe it. Need to call the foot doctor tomorrow for an appointment to see if there is anything he can do for this long term foot pain I have been having as well. Change of subject kind of. Seen my Doc not too long ago and I said so Doc, I am having pain in my right and left groin area more the right though, and its kinda making me feel a little weak on my legs, she say ok ‘lets see if it sticks around’! I kind of understand as I have fibromyalgia, but it still pisses me off!

I am looking out my window now trying to get my mood back up to where it was when I started this post. I was enjoying the fall scene outside my window, and listening to the brightly colored trees sing to me in the wind. So with a smile on my face and thoughts of Halloween in my head and I am signing off for now ;~) B.