Nice Ride!


Today is a beautiful day blue sky’s with wispy clouds here and there. It is very much a Sunday sitting in my PJ’s with the windows open so I can smell that fresh fall air. The birds are quiet and for the first time today there isn’t a rotating group of birds devouring the seeds in our front yard feeder. It is a very peaceful day.

Something exciting to add to my Sunday post. My room mate’s uncle stopped by this morning with his newly purchased 2008 Red Mustang…what a sweet sounding car, looks sexy too, I was a little surprised at the very minimal dash console, not sure what I felt it was missing but there was something. Anyway very sexy ride and he let me take it for a drive. Got it up to 100 miles an hour and just as I crested a hill what do I see cop cars, thats rite more than one (it was 2) thats rite 2 of them back to back. The uncle says uh ooohhhh your gonna get a ticket!  Must have been my lucky day or I slowed it down from a 100 in good time, as I was in a 35 mph zone on a straight country road stretch. They just kept on going and so did I.  I loved it the best part of my day by far.


3 thoughts on “Nice Ride!

    • Rite…Oh and it is a lovely car too. I very much enjoyed the ride, as well as the drive. I couldn’t believe he let me drive it I feel very special indeed as he didn’t even let his daughter inlaw drive it ;~) …. sssshhhh don’t tell lol. Nice too meeet you azarcon2016.

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