Just a quick update I am on my way to the sleep clinic for a consoltation to see if they are going to give me a sleep study or not, wish me luck I hope they give me one. As I understand it, a good night sleep for a Fibromyalgia patient is very much needed to help us to feel better, I can hope and it doesnt hurt to try.

I also wanted to make a quick update on my last post I am still hurting like hell and I am still very much frustrated and at my wits end with my level of pain. I want to remind every one of the name of my Blog ‘Mystical Luna Rose’s Rants and Rave’s’ Its not nor will it ever be ‘Mystical Luna Rose’s end of life Rants and Rav’s’ I feel a need to say this as I read a blog that made mention of reading alot of blogs of late that sounded like peeps were giving up, and how sad as all we were dealing with was pain and there are people out there dieing from their illnesses and to them I truly am sorry and my thoughts go out to them and their family’s during their struggle and fight. I am not nor would I ever choose to check out on this world or my family! I have a brother that did so, and I know how selfish that choice is. I am having a very hard time rite now with an awful flair that seems to not want to go away or be tamed by meds, or doctor assistance and that is frustrating as hell but not a life ending circumstance. But it was and is a topic and circumstance worth Raving about or at least it was for me, getting it out was a great release for me and I am greatful for that and I am greatful for any and all of you who read it and get something from it even if it is just the small comfort that you are not alone in your fear, concern, frustration, anger, pain, and your fight to find relief in any small measure while living with the  constant misunderstood painful condition that is Fibromyalgia! Peace, Love, Light, and Brightest Blessings, from a Peaceful Seeking Soul, Gentle Hugs, Mystical LunaRose.


Flare From Hell

I feel like this ‘Flare From Hell’ is a year or more old! I kid you not. I have had my neck go out 3 times this year alone, my shoulders have been in excruciating pain. My hands hurt, they are swollen every morning, my thumbs are starting to hurt and ache alot of late, the whole hand goes numb, wrists hurt, growing a bump or nodule on left wrist below thumb seems to come and go. Both hands when I use them for an extented period of time driving, writing, doing dishes, folding clothes, well anything they feel tight in the palm and achy like a chally horse (question that spelling my brain is not fully in residence!) cramping!

My feet are doing the chally horse thing now too, I recently whent to see the foot doc he gave me some inserts for my shoues for the first week they were great I was so happy, now not so much they are making the cramping and aching so much worse. I just want to cry when I am walking or standing on them for any length of time and I have to do both, ugh WTF now!

Migraine for over a month and a half now they have started me on so new meds to try and keep them at bay takes a bit to get on board so I am hoping something soon! So now I am dealing with my lower back my neck is out really in a lot of pain and today is a sunday thinking about calling on call docotr. I can’t sleep well, turn my head, look down, etd just awful pain clear up into the back of my head all the way down my back and into my cheast and over into my left shoulder, lower back is getting some of it too oh hell it is every where today. I could just pull my fucking hair out, I don’t know how they exspect me to just deal with this. Primary doctor says I am at the top of all my meds ‘Cymbalts and Lyrica’ and she just doesn’t know what else to do for me….WTF….I feel all alone and scared as hell. I don’t know what I am supposed to do.

I see the Rumatolagist just after Thanksgiving I may have more answers at that time about the inflamatory arthritis and or seronegative rhumatoid arthritis confirmation? And how I am doing on the Methotrexate cause frankly I don’t feel it is doing shit thus far! Making me sick, giving me hellashiouse med hangovers adding to my dizzy spells. He has had me doing blood work once a month for the past 3 months to monitor things since I started on the methotrexate medication (he is 2 1/2 hours away frome me so I have been doing them localy and they have been faxed to him)  since I do them here I have been picking up copy’s but no once not my primary doctor here nore my Rhum’y doc up in Seattle has been saying anything about the results, I can see what is high and low but that doesn’t tell me much. I can see my WBC is high, my markers for Inflamation are still high and a few other things are out of wac as well. Still I can’t put any of that together  to help myself! No one is calling so I can hope fully take that to mean I am not dieing rite?

I am drowny in a sea of pain witn the lifte guards (the Doctors) standing on their pretty yaughts looking at their x-rays, blood slides, MRI’s, biopsy’s, physical therapy’s, fibromyagia handout’s, scratching their heads holding my life ring wondering if they should toss it too me or not because they have no clue if they can help me when they get me on board, because all their little slides, and big machines say I should be just fine and they don’t know what else to do for me, yet I am NOT FINE!! I AM DROWNING IN A SEA OF UNBEARABLE PAIN!!!!

They tell me that pain meds don’t work for what I am going through this is based on all the other patients with Fibromyalgia, Inflamatory Arthritis, Anxiety, Depression, IBS, Tendonitis, Calcified Tendon of the shoulder, and who knows what else. This kind of pisses me off! I don’t want them if they don’t work and I would be the first to tell them they don’t work if they don’t. I don’t want any of these meds, they all make me feel dizzy, sick to my stomach. I don’t want to be an addict. I would like to be able to go to the grocery store with out Anxiety, I would like to be able to lesson the pain in my head when I am having a migraine, I would like to be able to ignore or block the pain I am having in my back so I could stand at the stove long enough to cook dinner, or do the laundry or vaccume the floor with out lower back spasms and pain taking over my lower back and legs. I would like to be able to stand in a grocery line with out my feet hurting so bad that I wish I cold hang from something so I wasn’t standing on my poor feet any more…or block the shocking and stinging pains in my arms and legs. Maybe take away or block the constant deep aching hurting pain in my lower back and hips. I could go on and on like this. I think I should be able to see for myself that it does nothing for me. They can monitor me etc, I shouldn’t have to suffer because of people before me that have abused the system and the meds used to help those in pain period! I should be given my chance under what ever guidlines they set because I have no doubts I could pass them, if they work Great, if they don’t Damn it! And I will be the first to let them know and return what ever is left of the worthless pain pills that didn’t work and we can try another and another until I finaly come to this conclusion they want me to swallow just on their word that it doesn’t work and that I couldn’t possiably handle even if it did work because I would become an addict.

I don’t know any more I am mad, sad, disgusted, scared, tired, confused, hurt, lonely, guilty, depressed, moody, emotional, full of soooooo muchhhhhh painnnnn.

I am not sure how much more of this I can take. I have not slept well in days, I go in for a sleep study consoltation this will be my second, for what ever reason the first one didn’t think I needed one even though I had 3 doctors my primary, my Rhumatologist, and Psychologisty refering me I suppose I didn’t look sleep deprived enoungh I am not good about talking about myself and how I feel in person It makes me embarassed I look normal how can one person feel this bad, have this many things hurt its just fucking crazy rite!!! It truly is it blows my own mind, any way I guess I should have wrote it all out for him I think I do that better than I do talking about it all in person I don’t know.

Well I think this entry has turned into a novel so I will go and try to get some rest and hope that helps this

‘Flare From Hell’ cool its heels a bit. Peace out and Gentle Hugs to all my fellow Chronic Pain Friend’s

Note: Plese excuse any typo’s or misspellings as I frankly didn’t give a shit at the time, lack of sleep, too much pain, and scrammbled eggs for pain<<< was meant to be’ *brains ‘ are to blame.