Just a quick update I am on my way to the sleep clinic for a consoltation to see if they are going to give me a sleep study or not, wish me luck I hope they give me one. As I understand it, a good night sleep for a Fibromyalgia patient is very much needed to help us to feel better, I can hope and it doesnt hurt to try.

I also wanted to make a quick update on my last post I am still hurting like hell and I am still very much frustrated and at my wits end with my level of pain. I want to remind every one of the name of my Blog ‘Mystical Luna Rose’s Rants and Rave’s’ Its not nor will it ever be ‘Mystical Luna Rose’s end of life Rants and Rav’s’ I feel a need to say this as I read a blog that made mention of reading alot of blogs of late that sounded like peeps were giving up, and how sad as all we were dealing with was pain and there are people out there dieing from their illnesses and to them I truly am sorry and my thoughts go out to them and their family’s during their struggle and fight. I am not nor would I ever choose to check out on this world or my family! I have a brother that did so, and I know how selfish that choice is. I am having a very hard time rite now with an awful flair that seems to not want to go away or be tamed by meds, or doctor assistance and that is frustrating as hell but not a life ending circumstance. But it was and is a topic and circumstance worth Raving about or at least it was for me, getting it out was a great release for me and I am greatful for that and I am greatful for any and all of you who read it and get something from it even if it is just the small comfort that you are not alone in your fear, concern, frustration, anger, pain, and your fight to find relief in any small measure while living with the  constant misunderstood painful condition that is Fibromyalgia! Peace, Love, Light, and Brightest Blessings, from a Peaceful Seeking Soul, Gentle Hugs, Mystical LunaRose.


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  1. Oh so sorry you have RA with fibro…I can hardly stand my fibro..so I can somewhat know what the hell must be like with RA..but to have both…much loving light to you…and good luck with your appointment ❤

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