My steroid shot didn’t like me this time.

Seen the Rhumatologist Friday and he gave me steroid shot in my left shoulder. It has been hurting for some time now, while losing range of mostion due to pain and stiffness.

Left shoulder felt very good right after the shot, the next day was ok, sunday  lil sore, monday becoming a lil more stiff and really sore now. Here we are on Tuesday with pain all day, movement is dimineshed , lifting it away from my body is becoming an issue. It is making me worried, if this contiues at this pain level till tomorrow I will be calling my GP to take a look.

Next Day: GP Bursitis/impingement. Ordered X-ray, Physical Therapy, Ice, and rest for the arm. I knew it was  along the lines of Bursitis, as I have had that in my Right shoulder more than once. I just don’t understand why the Steroid shot would bring this on? I have had the shots before in shoulders and this has never happened, was not even aware it could happen. I asked the doctor why whould the Steroid shot do this, she shrug and said sometimes they just don’t work. Well ok Thanks Doc, doesn’t really tell me why the steroid shot gave me Bursitis. Will send my Rhumatologist an email to see what he says.

So here I sit with a shoulder that hurts like hell, doesn’t help I had to drive to doctors, to hospital for x-ray, and all over town for my brother. So arm sadly did not get the rest it needed today, ugh….But it will tomorrow.  Will post again on this if anything new arises or happens. I hope this little entry finds everyone doing ok. Work in Progress Mystical Luna Rose.


4 thoughts on “My steroid shot didn’t like me this time.

  1. Hey MLR! Hope Thursday finds you greatly improved. Thinking about you. Pain is a cold heartless bitch!

  2. Oh no! I’m sorry. It’s so frustrating when you go through the effort (& it can take a lot of effort) of making it to the doctor’s office, only to have the treatment you’d been looking forward to not work. Not only that, it sounds like it made things worse. I do hope it steadily continues to improve for you! Sending you some *gentle hugs*!

    Jess 💋

  3. Sorry to hear this. But you are right, it will be better tomorrow which is really today so it already is better. I send you good cheer!

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