Mystical Luna Rose Where it Comes Froms.

Just a quick post about my nick/name, some one asked about it or I mentioned I would explaine it I can’t reember any way here it is. Short and sweet… Mystical Luna Rose

Mystical has 2 parts first the true definition of the word Mystical.

Mystical: Definition and More from the Free Merria-Webster…
a : having a spiritual meaning or reality that is neither apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence <the mystical food of the sacrament> b : involving or having the nature of an individual’s direct subjective communion with God or ultimate reality <the mystical experience of the Inner Light> 2

2nd part of Mystical, I had a Golden Retriever purebred she was the best dog ever her papered name was ‘Mystical Blue Moon’ we called her Mystie. Mystical is partly in memory of her and because I love the word and what it means.

Luna, well I love the Moon and all her mystery’s. She is constant, reliable, beautiful, she is powerfull, she is bright, She fascinates me and leaves me in awe on a regular basis still today. I love the way the word Luna looks, and feels rolling off the tounge as well.

Rose, Oh the Rose what is there not to Love right…The flower of Love, I love the Rose, it is my favorite flower. I also feel the rose for me is in association with the moon as well,good friends if you will ;~).  love the aroma of the Rose Like no other, The Rose is Beautiful, The rose is hearty and strong, She has thorns to protect herself. The rose comes in many different colors to cover many different moods. Rose is in my middle name Rosevelene, Which is the middle name of both of my Grandmother’s put together, I love it for it is unique and one of a kind. My special Rose!

There you have it folks A Work in Progress Mystical Luna Rose! ;~) I hope every one is having a great day.


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