Still Here

I am still here. Sorry for the long pause. It all started back in late June, I went to stay with my daughter and I became pretty sick. Took awhile to figure it all out. When they finally did my appendix ruptured and I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, with a drain in to remove some abscesses! This was all during the 4th of July weekend and a Family reunion weekend so I spent most of that 2 weeks in the Hospital alone. I had my mother and 2 brothers. It was my kids that were gone. It was a very rough time for me, scared the Hell out of me. It was awful. Then there was an insadent I can’t talk about here or at least not yet. That happened just after I healed after all of that. On top of all of that. My chilldrens Great Grandmother who was like a Grandmother to me as well passed away, I was and have been just knocked on my ass!! I’m stillhaving issues picking myself up. Plus there are things going on within my own family I am not at liberty to talk about that are extremely stressful and not one bit helpful to my heath issues, ugh!! So kind of hard to come and write. So I have not done any. Counseling has been very sporatic because of me I have skipped a few, glosses over a few…I don’t know how to connect with this new counselor I’m just not sure about it. And this next session she wants to talk about my Girlfriend that was killed in a car accident almost 11 years ago, and you think I would be but I don’t think I am ready! WTF! Frankly I am scared. I won’t lie having a rough time of lately, and it pisses me off.  I miss writing here I am just so sick of it always being crap…sighs 

Signed a work in progress Mystical Luna Rose

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  1. It’s good to hear from you, I ‘m sorry life has taken you down this unfamiliar road. I will add my voice to all who are wishing you well. You are in my thoughts and positive energy coming your way.

    • Thank You so very much JC I can’t tell you how much that moves me and makes me feel supported every little bit helps. I should have written sooner. I should not have forgotten how good it feels to write and get it out. Not to mention the friends I have made here truly do help in the support department. I have truly missed all of you so very much. Thank You again.

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