Hair I love you

   You have been with me all of my life, I don’t remember one day with out you. I have always thought of you as never ending, ever lasting…I have taken you for granted, and I am so sorry. I have slept on you, I have abused you. I have chemically changed your color, your texture, I have cut you, snagged you, pulled you, wrapped you too tight, many things have been done to you. I am not alone in my treatment of you, every woman and man has you as well, and they too have abused you at one time or another, so it’s not just me.
I have always assumed you would be here…when you disappear on a man (I know it bothers some and not others) for me though I think most men look good with or with out you. For me though a Women, your loss is so breaking my heart, it is destroying what little confidence I had.
We already had issues you had been uncooperative for some time, I couldn’t find my way to a satisfying relationship with you no matter what I tried. I loved parts of you and yet I despised other parts of you. I regret that now, and I miss you.
I truly never believed you would desert me like this, I just didn’t think it would happen to me! I was not all bad too you, I would do special things for you too. I would take great breaks in between chemical changes, I would treat you gently when I did chemically change you. I would use tools with you gently etc and still you have gone away. I have watched you leave me in little pieces, I have morned the loss long and slow, I am barely able to cover you now.
I don’t know what I will do next if you continue to go away. I miss you please come back to me soon. Over the years I have often dreamed of this happening and how mortified I would be, so needless to say I have been a bit of a wreck lately…leaving the house is getting harder and harder to do, as I am unable to hide or disguise the space you vacated. We tend to forget to really admire your beauty and our true feelings and love of you until you are gone, suddenly. Then it truly is revealed how loved and lovely you are! I miss you Hair, if you could find it in your Silken Tresses to forgive me, I promise to appreciate and enjoy you more, just come back to me.  It might not even be all my fault I was thinning for some time up front, then Methotrexate entered our lives and you went into shock losing a  quarter size patch in the back of my head that is now the size of a small pankcake 3″x 3″ maybe and you are off center, this is so not good for my OCD tendancies that don’t like off center things. Breath….Breath….Breath……………

                  Work In Progress, Mystical Luna Rose.